the smell of sun

Driving from Nashville to Jackson earlier today was like traveling through two seasons. It was wintry damp when I left Nashville. And early, about 6 a.m. No sun.

Heading south from Memphis, my car wheezed and stretched into north Mississippi. It was greener, sunnier. Open skies and trees for days. It was also noticeably warmer.

Arriving in Jackson (#Belhaven to be specific), my car window was down, and the breeze was almost hot. I pulled into the driveway of Clearance Special (what I call the 1940s bungalow that is home), unloaded my bags, and settled onto the back deck to unwind my limbs and lay out.

Truthfully, I shouldn’t ever lay out. I’m pale. I burn easily. But the smell of sun on my skin–how can I describe it. It smells like sunscreen, sweat. And freckles. I’m sure 20 years from now I will regret these moments. But for now it brings me a tired happiness and a little bit of peace.

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