nature abstracted—ruben aguirre’s tectonic reflections exhibit at nmma

Seems like a lifetime ago (okay, 13 years ago), but I was once a Pilsen dweller and loved it. Always on the move as a bicycle commuter, and Pilsen’s murals moved me. They still do.

One of my favorite muralists—Ruben Aguirre or @likes_1 on IG.

Colorful shapes and patterns swooshing or exploding across a wall. It’s poetry, but I couldn’t divine the words or phrasing. I’m not sure I ever needed to.

Over the years, Aguirre’s work (murals and studio paintings) has taken on greater depth and scale. The latter is on full display at the National Museum of Mexican Art.

His exhibit is Tectonic Reflections, and it’s nature abstracted. Warm hues, dark wood canvases, unfamiliar patterns you want to understand or commit to memory. (Wonderful exhibit, and NMMA admission is free.)