promise and poetry

While I typically favor brightly colored flowers, when it comes to roses, I choose yellow.

I spied this rose earlier today and had to take a photo. (I hope my neighbor doesn’t mind.)

There’s so much promise and poetry here. And polarity. You can’t touch the stem (so thorny), but the petals (so soft) are buttery. Hoping this rose and its cousins hang on as long as the season allows.

garfield park conservatory

The Show Room is pretty empty, but I always find something interesting at the Garfield Park Conservatory.

Flower petals that look like a pinwheel.

Bromeliads in varying sizes and colors.

A bright pink tropical flower. So perfect.

The current main attraction is a 60-year-old agave plant whose flowering stalk measures more than 38 feet.

This agave blooms only once before dying. Bittersweet to see, but very special.

the mood ring of perennials (hydrangeas)

Hydrangeas–love them much. These Annabelles look like they were put in the dryer for a 10-minute fluff cycle. So puffy.

Depending on soil acidity levels, hydrangeas can turn shades of blue and purple.

Also pink.

They’re the ultimate perennial mood ring. And thirsty ones.

The hydrangeas in front of my apartment building took a beating last week. Too hot and not enough water. So I grabbed some water bottles to feed the hydrangeas. Took five trips up and down the stairs to my apartment, but I got the job done.