hausermann’s 3-acre orchid greenhouse in villa park

Villa Park? It’s a 1908 subdivision that morphed into a 4.8-square-mile railroad commuter village that boomed in the 1960s. On the smaller side by Greater Chicago standards, but three acres of Villa Park? Orchids and more orchids.

Orchids by Hausermann—a 5th generation family-run local business—is a sprawling complex of orchid greenhouses.

Dancing lady orchids? They have those. Lady slipper and moth orchids? They have those too. Hausermann’s even has the Queen of Orchids—the Cattleya—in eye-popping color after color.

You could visit just to marvel at the vast quantity and diversity of orchids (I did). Open to visitors, Hausermann’s also has a friendly greenhouse cat that wanders room after room and sometimes trails guests.

Prepare for your visit by checking out their website.

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