the elusive unicorn that is a proper new york bagel

Carbs? I love them. Chubby yeasted wheat rolls that are boiled then baked, yielding a perfect crust and dense, chewy interior? It’s the bagel, and I love them most.

Thing is, I don’t live in NYC—the reigning bagel capital in the lower 48. And most local bakeries produce underwhelming bagels (a toasted slice of cardboard with cream cheese might taste better).

So I set out in search of the perfect New York bagel. And I found it. At New York Bagel & Bialy in Lincolnwood, natch.

Their version of the everything bagel—mish-mosh—is everything you could hope for. Perfect crust smattered with seeds and toasted garlic bits. Perfect shape—a bit bigger than your fist but not Frankenstein size. Perfect chewy-carby interior. It’s just that good.

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