This seems obvious, but you experience neighborhoods much differently on bike than you do in a car. Speed plays a role, I’m sure. It’s hard to notice stuff when you need to be focused on the important stuff—your car, road and traffic conditions, and other cars. On bike, however, details large and small hook your attention.

The freshly baked bread aroma of Turano Bakery on Roosevelt.

This South Berwyn church sign. The message is bigger than the church’s name.

Or the Chicago 16-Inch Softball Hall of Fame in Forest Park.

2 thoughts on “obvious”

  1. Hi Biscuit,
    Thanks for slowing things down a bit in this rush-rush world. Even with social distancing and a remote work environment, people don’t seem to be catching on to the important things in life. When one ‘stops to smell the roses’, you remind me of childhood when family, friends, exploring, and a nice meal were the only worries.
    Your passion is an inspiration and contagious.

    1. Heart you, Dear! And miss you much! Need to keep up with my blog. I’ve been slacking these past few months. But thank you for your kind words. Really lifts my spirit!

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