mississippi: a love letter

I’ve been meaning to write this awhile now. Mississippi, I miss you much. Specific things? There are many.

  • My wonderful neighbors Walter and Phoebe and my friends all over the state.
  • Belhaven–all of it. I’ve never adored a neighborhood quite like I did Belhaven. And my house Clearance Special? I wish I could have it back.
  • The kindness and hospitality of Mississippians. Was lucky to be invited to friends’ homes for Thanksgiving in 2017 and 2018, and I was welcomed and fed like family.
  • Mississippi accents. I probably like the Delta accent the most, but all of the Magnolia State accents sound golden to my ears.
  • Southern expressions and turns of phrase. From “I knew him when he was knee high to a grasshopper” to “I’m fixin’ to…,” it’s all good.
  • The statuesque Magnolia trees. When they bloom in April, they are magic.
  • All the pretty flowers. Camellias, azaleas, knock-out roses–this list is long.
  • The long, hot summers that seem to stretch from April to November. Sniff.
  • Fried catfish and butter beans.
  • Coffee from Cups in Madison. I dream about their espresso roast coffee. Best coffee ever.
  • And then the biscuits from Primo’s. (Must love biscuits.)

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