a visit to greenwood in the delta

The Mississippi Delta is a big place. It encompasses more than 7,000 square miles of alluvial floodplain, stretching from Tunica in the north to Vicksburg at its southwest corner. The Delta contains some of the earth’s most fertile soil. And it’s a fertile place for the imagination if you’re the visiting type.

I like accessing the Delta through Greenwood. It’s an easy drive from Jackson, about an hour and 40 minutes. As you thread your way through Lexington and Tchula, Route 49 becomes quite flat. Cotton fields to your left and right. And then you find yourself in Greenwood. In many ways, it’s like time has stood still.

There’s Delta Feed on Main Street.

Architecture from the late 1800s persists and evolves, as this structure on Howard Street does.

If you plan on visiting Greenwood, I would aim for September when the cotton is high. To see cotton fields in the cotton capital of the world is a pretty cool experience.

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