boots & more on high street in jackson, mississippi

As a consumer, there are a few purchases where you might benefit from being expertly fitted. Buying cowboy boots seems to be one.

Last September I was itching for a pair of cowboy boots. I headed to the only place I could think of–Boots & More on High Street just east of downtown Jackson.


You could easily get lost in this store (big selection), but one of the staff members found me and I found these beauties, which I absolutely love. The turquoise bluebirds seem to dance across the leather. And the tiny red hearts here and there? Love.

Having never purchased cowboy boots before, I was impressed with the variety of choices. Boots are available in snip toe, rounded toe, and box toe as well as in different leathers. Think cowhide, goat, snake, ostrich, alligator. Prices also vary considerably–from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Goodness.

Andrew Evans wrote a great article for National Geographic on what to look for when buying cowboy boots. You can access his advice here.

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