i’ll follow you

Instagram is a fun adventure if you love great photos, storytelling, and photos that tell a great story. You can follow me on Instagram if you wish, but here are some of my favorite follows:

  • Nick Ulivieri is The Chi Photo Guy, a commercial photographer who I learned about in 2016 when I was living at 15th and Blue Island in the Near West neighborhood of Chicago. Nick captures dramatic weather systems better than any photographer I know. He also branched out to frame Chicago’s built environment and landmarks. Fun fact: I met Nick in the elevator of my condo building, a 12-story 1920s warehouse that was converted into condos in 2006. He used to shoot photos of sprawling train tracks with downtown Chicago as a backdrop from one of my neighbor’s decks.
  • The Forgotten South–Kelly Gomez photographs buildings and places throughout the South that time has forgotten, and she is a master storyteller. Her photos are just as interesting as the accompanying descriptions. Since 2010, Gomez has traversed places all over the South. She also maintains a blog, which you can access here if you’re not on Insta.
  • Oh Happy Day–You wouldn’t guess an online party and lifestyle website could generate such joy, but their photos are pure sunshine. Jordan Ferney is OHD’s founder and Chief Happy Officer (c’mon, LOVE this job title). You can find Oh Happy Day on Facebook and Pinterest if those networks suit your fancy.

Happy following, you all/y’all!

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