when broken is beautiful—a gift of sea glass from newport, rhode island

Yesterday I was tidying up the front and back yards as my house is currently listed for sale. Raking leaves and fallen camellia blooms, picking up twigs, cutting back some potted pansies–when I noticed a large box on my doorstep. The handwritten mailing label indicated it was from Sea Glass Central (Newport, Rhode Island), which happens to be home of my friend Shannon. She mentioned she’d send me a bag of sea glass to wish me good luck with the sale of my home. I received an entire box instead, and the sea glass is cool stuff!

Broken bottles and glass that are tumbled by the ocean for years–that’s sea glass. The bits of sea glass take on a frosted appearance as the result of being tumbled, and I’m thoroughly smitten with the pale rose, green, and blue pieces. Broken is beautiful.

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