miranda konstantinidou

I don’t favor necklaces, but beautiful earrings, rings, and bracelets are jewelry catnip for me. Meandering my way through the Denver airport last month, I visited a small boutique and my eyes fastened on one of the display cases. The most magical, intricately designed jewelry. Bright colors, sparkly. “What is the price point of that one?” I asked the staff person, pointing at a beautiful ring. It was within budget (the earrings and bracelets weren’t). Smitten kitten, that was me.

Miranda Konstantinidou

The artist’s name is Miranda Konstantinidou. She’s a Greek designer who studied fashion illustration and fashion design in Italy and Germany. Her designs range from antique:

Miranda 3

To dark and brooding.

Miranda 4

To funky and abstract.

Miranda 2

To check out Miranda’s other work, visit here. Prepare to fall in love.