ladies room: mad men S1E2

I find myself falling headlong into the first season of Mad Men a second time. The writing, the ensemble cast, the quiet score–it’s a melancholy, subversive meditation on relationships, the workplace, secrets. The second episode–Ladies Room–so good.

Peggy Olson, the new girl: I find myself rooting for her. And concerned for her.

Mad Men Ladies Room Peggy

She navigates (uncomfortably) being preyed on, in the above scene by Paul Kinsey. (I rue her decision to get involved with Pete Campbell. Sigh.)

Betty Draper. Who is anxious. Trying to fulfill the demands of maintaining a family and a relationship with a man (her husband) she essentially does not not know.

Mad Men Ladies Room Betty Draper

And then, well, there’s Don. The husband and ad exec who is paid to understand consumers’ desires and motivations but doesn’t have a clue about women, really. Here he is with Midge Daniels: “I can’t decide if you have everything. Or nothing.”

Mad Men Ladies Room Don Draper