accidental gardener

I’ve been chipping away at the flower beds at Clearance Special the last five weeks, and I suppose garden work is work. Goodness and then some. I planted mostly impatiens and hostas in the backyard flower bed, and the impatiens have really taken off. The soil and warm weather in central #Mississippi really suit these little ones.

I wish I could say I did a ton of research and planning before getting to it. I asked friends on Facebook what they would recommend for a flower bed that is mostly shade and received a lot of input. And then I just started digging. This is a before and after, Day 8:

Before and after Day 8

The front yard flower bed seems to be moving a bit quicker than the back yard one. I moved clumps of monkey grass to the back and have planted some fibrous begonia. Now if I can just get to power-washing the vinyl siding. Uff da.