il gelato

Man, time flies. In 2015 I had the good luck to travel with 7 friends to northern Italy and it was TOAL–trip of a lifetime. Everything in Italy is exceptional. The people, beautiful. The food, amazeballs. The sights, my goodness. Early in our trip was Varenna, which is a tiny town. A tiny town that has two gelato shops within a stone’s throw distance of one another. You might think it strange that a tiny town could support two gelato shops, but Varenna does.

I resisted getting gelato the first day or so because although the gelato looked incredible, I thought it would be heavy and not worth the kcal intake. I finally gave in and, to quote Chicago Cubs’ announcer Harry Caray, HOLY COW. The gelato was light, fluffy. It was a marvel, for reals.


Other parts of northern Italy were just as wonderful as Varenna even though the weather was mostly overcast for our stay. There was Verona.


And Venice.