clearance special: a love letter

If you read my last post, you might be thinking I was ready to hightail it out of #Jackson and head back home (Chicago). On the contrary, no. A thousand times no. I am a homeowner here. I knew from the moment I stepped into the house as a prospective buyer that this was the one for me. It has abundant windows. Sunlight everywhere. It also has that old house smell, which I find endlessly comforting.

Sometime in September 2017 I started redecorating in earnest. I nicknamed my house Clearance Special because I sought home decor on clearance. I love a good deal/bargain. Who doesn’t really? Anyhow, I filled Clearance Special with mismatched but colorful prints, tables, plants (fake), pottery. Some nooks have a theme, as this one does:


Other rooms were works in progress, as with the office. (It really needed a rug, which I found later).

Clearance 1

My home team–my two dogs and cat–also really love this house. And the backyard in particular. My little rescue dog, Nickel Short, has really thrived here. To see her leap around the back yard brings me a lot of joy. My coworker Elizabeth took some action shots of Nickel and Penny, and these photos pretty much sum it up. Heart you, Clearance Special.