sometimes the detour is your destination

I’ve been busy the past couple weeks so have done a fairly lousy job of writing a post each day, my apologies. I’ve been on the road interviewing members for the summer 2018 issue of a quarterly magazine that I write for/manage.

En route to Gulfport two weeks ago I took a wrong turn and found myself headed to New Orleans. Oops. I backtracked, heading north, and then exited at Highway 13, which eventually dead ends at Route 49, and that would get me to Gulfport. Highway 13 is far from a dead end, let me tell you. It is drop dead gorgeous. Hello, #Lumberton. I had to stop and take a photo. The lush trees, quiet sky, warm sun.


Mississippi is chock full of places like Lumberton. Sleepy quiet. Not a lot of cars. Trees and more magnificent trees. I could drive this state endlessly, honestly. It’s very contemplative. It reminds me of my long drives to Gustavus but the landscape of southern Minnesota is different. Flat fields for days. Still beautiful, but different.

Yesterday I wanted to visit the Mississippi Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Newton County. Newton County is located east of Jackson on Highway 20 and I exited at Newton (the city). I saw this and, as with Lumberton, I had to stop and take a photo to memorialize the detour. Sometimes it’s the destination.