taking care of business, the family way

I love creating exceptional learning opportunities. Give me a purpose, goal, and a budget and I’ll create something amazing.

I used to work at the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) in Chicago. Each May in Washington, D.C., more than 8,000 members from across the country convene for NAR Legislative Meetings to get with their elected officials, conduct committee meetings, network, and learn. The group I managed, the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council, was offering a two-day course on buyer representation, a course we’ve offered many years prior. We needed something that would make students excited to learn. Fresh.

Light bulb idea. I knew who to call.

Her full name is Adorna Carroll, but I call her A. She’s a close friend and one of the best REALTOR® trainers I know in the U.S. and Canada. This woman has total command of the classroom, and she suffers no fools. To take one of her classes–to learn from her–is a brain opening experience. You almost have to take her classes more than once. There’s just so much to pick up from what Adorna throws down as a trainer.

I phoned A and told her what I had mind. It paid homage to her Italian American roots. It also involved her daughter Jenna (another amazing trainer). “I AM ON IT,” she told me. (It being the photo shoot.) The theme was definitely edgy (wait for it), and the marketing approach catered to a younger audience–NAR’s Young Professionals Network (YPN).

So yeah we totally did a mafia theme for this class. Word.

Adorna and Jenna 2

I had so much fun with the creative on this campaign. The taglines, the flyers. The items  in asterisk–e.g., duct tape, rope & shovel not included in the class price. C’mon, so good.

Adorna and Jenna 1

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And if you were wondering, yes, cannoli WAS served on day 2 of this class. #leavethecannoli