the sunniest of hues

Sometimes a photo, as with this one, is everything.

Photo: SimplyCyn (follow her on Facebook as well as Instagram)

This is NYC blogger SimplyCyn, and she recently visited Jackson on the occasion of our city’s 35th year of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. You don’t typically equate St. Patrick’s Day with Jackson, Mississippi, but we throw a great party and parade (with a proper shout out to Malcolm White, Executive Director of the Mississippi Arts Commission and owner of Hal and Mal’s).

But back to this photo and the color yellow. It’s an outrageously bright and happy hue. In my little corner of Belhaven, I have the sunniest of kitchens. Tons of windows on one end and then a pair of French doors on the other end that spill out to my back deck and backyard.

I started redecorating last year in earnest and took a Swedish theme for the kitchen. (My heritage is partially Svensk.) Bursts of yellow with bright turquoise accents. Reminds me of the time I spent in Sverige (Sweden) in 1986. Anyways, I love how it turned out, and I think my little cat approves.

I guess I have gravitated to the color yellow since a young age. This photo of me and my lovely Aunt Sally on the occasion of her wedding. Heart.