fixin to

Most Jacksonians I know take landscaping, lawn care, and gardening pretty seriously. And for good reason, the climate and soil (at least in Hinds County) are ideal for trees, plants, flowers, flowering bushes, you name it.

I was puttering around in my car. (I am an expert putterer.) It was a Saturday morning, and I was listening to Mississippi Public Broadcasting. They have a hour-long call-in show devoted to gardening. What a trip, I remember thinking. The host Felder Rushing fields questions from Mississippians from across the state.

A lady called in and said she was fixin to do something, a task I can’t recall. Felder excitedly interrupted her, “Wait! I can tell you’re from the South b/c you’re FIXIN TO.” My attention was heightened, and I became utterly hooked on learning what I like to call the discourse of y’all.

The expressions and sayings here are colorfully wondrous. I could listen to Mississippians talk all day long, if my schedule permitted. I quickly created a list of things Jacksonians say and the Chicago equivalent. Enjoy.